Alex and Cam at Barn South outside of Athens, Georgia

The moment I got to spend time with Cam and Alex at their engagement session, I knew that their wedding was going to be full of love, very intentional, and full of life. And I was exactly right. 
First of all, this was my first wedding at Barn South, which I have been eyeing for months, and it did not disappoint. Barn South is a wedding venue that is located outside of Atlanta near the Athens area / side of Atlanta. The outside of this barn is just stunning. There are modern elements that just add the most beautiful touches. Not to mention that the the florist, Sheila Rivera Weddings, did an outstanding job. The getting ready process and the bride getting into the dress is one of my favorite time of the wedding days to shoot. It is the first moment that I feel like the bride actually feels like a bride and I can just see the true smiles come out and the bride just feel so beautiful from the inside out. 
Cam had a stunning dress. My favorite part of this dress was the slit up the leg, just the right amount of flare. Alex and the guys got ready on site in this awesome airstream that the Barn South has on site. It has a TV and just the perfect amount of sitting to chill out and have your "bro moments" with football and beer, or whatever you wanna call those (lol!).
Another favorite part of the wedding days are first looks. They are so real and raw and just UGH I love. I may or may not cry behind my lens and that for sure happened with Cam and her dad. Cam did two first looks, one with her dad then one with her girls. Her girls hyped her up, showed her all the love, and basically the definition of how true friends would react seeing their friend be a bride.
Cam and Alex, it was such an honor to serve you guys. The love you both have for the Lord is so evident and so strong that it just radiates out of you guys. Your families love you guys - I can clearly see that. The support and love you have from friends and your community is outstanding. I pray that your marriage flourishes and you guys continue to grow closer to one another and closer to the Lord everyday. We are so grateful for you both and wish you all the best!