Sarah and Mark at The Country Club of the South in Alpharetta, Georgia

Sarah and Mark…. Oh my, where to begin! These are the two most honest, kind, and genuine people that I have ever met. From when Sarah first contacted me, to their engagement photos, and to this stunning wedding in December, they have felt like my own friends throughout the process. 
This day started off overcast and calling for rain, but no worries at all! The Country Club of the South is a great venue all around and whether it is chilly and rainy or hot and humid, it is beautiful on the inside and out PLUS, the coordinators are so accommodating and they were wonderful. The reception was easily my favorite part of the day and honestly I don’t say that much. This reception kept my attention so much. There were drummers and everyone was dancing. Sometimes receptions can feel like they drag on, but not this one. I was having the best time and loved every minute of this day. My husband Joel was my wonderful second shooter and was able to capture some amazing moments that you see here and some above. He is truly “my right hand and my go to”, amazing words by Drake (I joke people). Sarah and Mark, Joel and I wish you all the best and just a lifetime of happiness, success, and adventure. You two are some amazing humans through and through and we were so honored and blessed to be apart of your greatest union. 

It deeply saddens me to add to this blog that Sarah's mother pictured below passed away around 2 months after Sarah and Marks wedding. Although only meeting Stacey once, I knew she loved her daughters, Sarah and Samantha, so deeply. The moments they were able to share and make together on this special day was truly unforgettable. I saw such joy in Sarah and Samantha after getting to know them more personally, I can only imagine that joy comes from someone like Stacey raising them.